13 After’s Top 13: Favorite Features & Amenities

Pets and fitness are on multifamily residents’ minds these days, when it comes to amenities. But that’s not all.

We asked clients and the13 After team to help with our first Top 13 List – a roster of special features that residents like. Here’s what they came up with.

1. Anything For Pets

“Our residents are huge fans of the dog spa and dog park!” – Laura Wentworth, Greystar

“Dog parks, pet washing stations, mobile vets.”– Virginia C. Love, Waterton

“Out of all our amenities, I see the most use of the dog park and dog spas these days. Pet owners want to have a worry-free lifestyle, but also a place where their pets aren’t cornered into a small space. Furry residents matter.” – Sparkle Allen, First Communities

2. 24-Hour Fitness Centers

“Fitness on demand.” – Virginia C. Love, Waterton

3. Enhanced Fitness Centers

“Gym-quality fitness center with yoga studio.” — M. Scott Underwood, Woodfield Investments

“Residents love the great new fitness centers properties are putting on site. No more one- treadmill-and-a-few-free-weights. With the multi-level centers having cycling and much more, there’s no need for a gym membership.” – Aimee Adams, 13 After

4. Yoga Indoors

“A zen room for yoga and meditation. The hustle and bustle of the day calls for some quiet time.” – Sparkle Allen, First Communities

5. Yoga Outdoors

“Outdoor yoga gardens with the synthetic grass.” – Bevan White, Pegasus Residential

6. Massage Facilities

“A massage therapy room.” – M. Scott Underwood, Woodfield Investments

7. Pool Upgrades

“A tanning shelf in the pool. People are loving the six inches of water to place their chairs in.” – Bevan White, Pegasus Residential

8. Help With Packages

“Package lockers! This is a major convenience for our customers and saves the teams a ton of time.” – Tiffany Crutchley, TriBridge Residential

“Self-service package lockers and extended office hours for when lockers aren’t available.” — Virginia C. Love, Waterton

9. Water Features

“People are choosing courtyards with water features over the ones that do not have them.” – Bevan White, Pegasus Residential

10. Electric Cars

“Shared electric cars that can be reserved by residents for use in one-hour increments. This is on my personal wish list.” – Dean Boswell, 13 After

11. Charging Stations

“For electric cars.” – Bevan White, Pegasus Residential

12. Shared Bike Programs

“In Charlotte, we have a bicycle station to be installed on our property where bikes can be rented from and returned at multiple locations throughout the city. It is an amenity for our residents and creates a neighborhood amenity for the public as well.” – Katherine Mosley, TriBridge Residential

13. Rooftop Terraces

“Definitely one of the hot amenities now.” –M. Scott Underwood, Woodfield Investments

— Susan Percy, 13 After Contributing Editor